Cornwall's Health Directory
Stephen F. Jones B.Comm., N.D.
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

Being new to Cornwall, as well as being the region's first Naturopathic Doctors, Valerie and I have spent some time touring the local clinics, health food suppliers and health associations which provide health support to the region. Specifically, we wanted to know where we could send our patients for neutraceutical supplements, health aids and support groups. Having relocated from Toronto, we have been used to having numerous providers of professional brand products at our disposal. While this situation has not quite developed within Cornwall yet, we have been delighted to find key distributors and health care providers in which we have confidence. The following is a listing of those providers. Future articles will seek to chronicle the specific services and products these organizations provide, so that our patients, friends and neighbors may find the tools they need to change their own health and quality of life. Good luck to all.

Sharyn's Pantry
812 Pitt St., Unit 6, Cornwall, Ont., K6J 5R1
Tel.: 613-936-1998

** Bulk supplier of health foods with supplement brands such as Natural Factors. Soon to expand to other professional brand neutraceuticals used by Naturopathic Doctors.

120 Ninth St.E., Cornwall, Ont.,
Tel.: 613-936-2596

** Neutraceutical provider including such supplement brands as Natural Factors and Sisu, along with professional brands such as A.O.R. and Dr.Reckweig homeopathic combinations. Also a supplier of Chinese (herbal) patent formulations used by Naturopathic Doctors and classically trained acupuncturists.

Earthway Family Chiropractic
812 Pitt St., Suite 37, Cornwall, Ont., K6J 5R1
Tel.: 613-936-1386

Personal Touch Physiotherapy
1012 Montreal Rd., Cornwall, Ont. K6H 1E2
Tel.: 613-933-8298

The Medicine Shoppe
1400 Vincent Massey Drive, Cornwall, Ont. K6J 5N4
Tel.: 613-933-7847

Cornwall's only integrated pharmacy offering conventional pharmaceutical prescription filling, along with a multitude of neutraceuticals and homeopathic remedies. The Medicine Shoppe is the pharmacy Millennium Health Centre will use as its "compounding pharmacy", making up individual medicinal compounds according to the treatments protocols of naturopathic doctors Franc and Jones.

The Victorian Order of Nurses
205 Amelia St., Cornwall, Ont., K6H 3P3
Tel.: 613-932-3451

*** Cornwall's premier public health provider offering continued walk-in clinic days covering an array of health concerns, literature regarding different conditions and their conventional treatment, as well as support groups including breast cancer and prostate cancer. Call for dates of their events or for information on local health services.

Alzheimer's Society
P.O. Box 1852, 55 Water St., W. Cornwall, Ont., K6H 6N6
Tel.: 613-932-4914

*** A multifaceted organization offering reference material for those suffering from this disease, as well as their family members. The society provides on-going lectures and support group information for those in the community. Call for event dates and/or reference literature.

The Canadian Liver Foundation
216 Montreal Rd. Cornwall, Ont., K6H 1B4
Tel.: 613-937-1781

*** In addition to offering an array of reference material on a walk-in basis, this foundation offers support groups for those suffering from liver diseases, in addition to groups for these patient's family members. As well, they sponsor lectures surrounding the topic of liver health and organize conferences which draw top professionals in the field to Cornwall. Stop by or call the foundation for more information.

The Lung Association
113 Second Street East Cornwall, Ont., K6H I4S
Tel.: 613-932-4999

***Along with providing a wealth of information and support to those with lung disorders and their families, this association is actively involved in health promotion (something particularly close to our hearts), through multiple efforts to encourage people to quit smoking. They also have many campaigns which help raise funds and promote public awareness of various lung disorders including: lung cancer, bronchitis, asthma, emphysema and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The Festival Of Trees is their next upcoming event. This event runs for an entire week during which there will be tree decorating, craft making stations for children and even a fashion show!!! Please contact the association for event dates or literature.

Heart & Stroke Foundation
36 Second Street East Cornwall, Ont., K6H 1Y3
Tel.: 613-938-8933

***We have recently become aware of the high rates of heart disease and stroke (as well as lung disease) in Eastern Ontario. We were particularly surprised to learn that a person living in Cornwall (or the surrounding area) has a higher likelihood of developing these conditions than the average Ontarian. This foundation is currently playing a crucial role in this community in terms of support and prevention. They are working to provide information that will help to reduce the incidence of these conditions, and provide a healthy future for generations to come. For information regarding their events or support networks please call or stop by.

Canadian Cancer Society
100 Second Street West, Cornwall, Ont., K6J 1G5
Tel.: 613-932-1283

***This multifaceted organization works to promote public education as well as funding for cancer research. They are an excellent resource for anyone who has been diagnosed with any type of cancer including breast, lung and prostate cancer. They will also help direct people with cancer and their families to support groups in their area. Stop by or call for literature on various support networks.

Mental Health Association
29 Second Street East, Cornwall, Ont.,
Tel.: 613-933-5845

***This association provides a number of support services, which can be accessed by phone or on a drop-in basis. They are able to provide education to families regarding mental disorders. They also help promote public awareness regarding disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Please call for more information regarding services offered.