Anti-Aging Therapy Reverses More Than Just Wrinkles

The following is a reproduction of a Millennium Health Centre editorial article which appeared in the Seaway News newspaper in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. The content is shortened to accommodate a newspaper space allotment. As such, it is not academically cited with references. These are available, so please feel free to email your questions.


Dr. Stephen F. Jones B.Comm., N.D.
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

With the 'baby-boom' generation expected to start retiring en-mass around 2014, the focus of many medical conferences and seminars of late has been 'anti-aging' therapies. These 'boomers' have the resources to motivate the medical community to review option to defy nature. The pursuit is the infamous 'fountain of youth'.

The fountain of youth does not exist. Most of us understand this. Treatments do exist, however, which have some interesting medical research to back them up. Perhaps the most intriguing of these treatments is a substance created in 1905 and refined by a Romanian doctor by the name of Dr. Ana Aslan in the early 1950's. The substance is called Gerovital H3 and is composed primarily of a natural chemical called Procaine Hydrochloride. Despite thousands of clinical trials conducted since the 1940's, the great majority of which overwhelmingly support the research of Dr. Aslan, few of these studies have received substantial publicity.

Gerovital's ability to reverse the signs of aging is, in deed, intriguing. Dr. Aslan noted that upon study of 15, 000 patients, a significant restoration of skin and hair to a more youthful integrity was demonstrated in more than half of the study candidates. Even the mainstream fashion magazine Vogue commented on Gerovital's ability to improve skin appearance. They stated that "one of the earliest visible signs is improvement in the skin; it softens, wrinkles smooth out, colour brightens and pigmentation improves. Hair has been known to grow more quickly (and)…it strengthens bones and joints".

While these claims are of the type that make many evidence based advocates like myself cringe, the clinical results support such beliefs. Many patients treated with Gerovital see results in as little time as 3 months. It is for this reason that such Hollywood stars as Sylvester Stallone, Kirk Douglas and George Hamilton and musicians like David Bowie have been open advocates for the use of Gerovital. In fact, for decades the world's rich have flown to Romanian just to receive Gerovital treatments simply to look younger. Several Olympic athletes have also openly acknowledged their use of Gerovital and associate medal victories with its use.

Although I have witnessed such visible changes in patients myself, what is of more interest is Gerovital's apparent ability to significantly improve depression, arthritis, poor eyesight, failing memory, poor circulation and varicose veins and more. It does so by modulating numerous chemical activities in the body. It is able to increase serotonin and noradrenalin which are neurotransmitters associated with motivation and mood. It has been shown to increase choline and acetylcholine associated with age-related memory and cognitive impairments. It has also been shown to increase folic acid which can prevent some heart diseases, as well as Vitamin K which is needed for bone health.

Truly, many of the classic 'symptoms' of aging have been clinically shown to be improved with Gerovital. Dr. Alfred Sapse of UCLA stated that patients who "had given up " "were now (after treatment with Gerovital) happy and eager to participate in life". This awareness, along with a renewed interest by age-defying baby boomers has made many North American physicians re-examine this well established Europen treatment.

The good news is that Gerovital is no longer a treatment available only for the rich. Depending on the concern in question (mere wrinkle removal up to depression and memory impairment), along with a patient's time line, treatments can range from topical creams to shorter acting orally consumed pills and injections.

Clinic such as the Millennium Health Centre in Cornwall are able to provide this treatment to patients. While a proper diet and exercise are still the pillars of a long life, Gerovital may help along the way. Good luck.