Fibromyalgia: There is Hope!

The following is a reproduction of a Millennium Health Centre editorial article which appeared in the Seaway News newspaper in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. The content is shortened to accommodate a newspaper space allotment. As such, it is not academically cited with references. These are available, so please feel free to email your questions.


Dr. Stephen F. Jones B.Comm., N.D.
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

One of the more challenging conditions encountered in family practices are patients with fibromyalgia. This condition results in sever pain that can 'wandered' from one muscle to another, interfering with sleep and preventing the patient from doing their daily chores or even going to work without great difficulty. Often, they eventually are unable to go to work at all and the consequences are many including financial burden, stress to their families and emotional turmoil.

What is more upsetting to the patient is that the condition is difficult to diagnose and many are told they have no medical problem, even though they known they do. Far too often, the patient is given an anti-depressant, with no treatment offered for their pain.

Well, there is help and Naturopathic medicine's approach to finding the cause of a condition and treating the whole body is aptly applied to fibromyalgia. To begin, patients are often provided with detailed, structured diet plans intended to not only provide key nutrients to the body, but to take away foods that can actually make the pain worse by causing inflammation.

Next, patients with fibromyalgia often have impaired bowel health. Along with diet modifications, Naturopathic Doctors are able to use a variety of botanical, homeopathic and vitamin therapies to repair damaged or irritated intestines. This allows for improved digestion of foods which can lead to improved immunity and an ability for the body to heal itself.

In addition, the Naturopathic Doctor can use a variety of treatments to reduce the actual pain associated with fibromyalgia. Acupuncture is very powerful in its ability to reduce pain in muscles and joints. Various physical medicines (including physiotherapy machines, soft tissue massage and spinal manipulation), along with homeopathics and topical or oral botanical medicines are available.

Lastly, many Naturopathic Doctors have received special training which enables them to treat patients with intravenous therapies. These therapies have been shown to significantly improve fibromyalgia patients' symptoms by replacing critical nutrients known to be depleted in fibromyalgia. The result of these 'myer's cocktails' are often reduced pain, improved energy and a greater ability to do the chores of daily living.

In all, there most definitely is hope and clear treatment plans available for fibromyalgia. You need not feel alone or suffer without help. Naturopathic Doctors have numerous options to help and can work in conjunction with your medical doctor to provide you with an integrated treatment strategy.