Canadian Medical Journal Reports Cancer Remissions With Same Intravenous Therapy Used By Local Doctor

The following is a reproduction of a Millennium Health Centre editorial article which appeared in the April 7, 2006 Seaway News newspaper in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. The content is shortened to accommodate a newspaper space allotment. As such, it is not academically cited with references. These are available, so please feel free to email your questions.


Dr. Stephen F. Jones B.Comm., N.D.
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

As a doctor who uses intravenous 'nutrient' therapies, I must admit to my satisfaction with a study recently reported upon in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. The report sheds light on a well established cancer treatment previously dismissed by numerous medical 'experts'. It has not only provided some degree of vindication for doctors like myself who provide this treatment, it has acknowledged the work of the medical luminaries (such as Dr. Linus Pauling, Dr. Abrham Hoffer and Dr. Ewan Cameron ) who pioneered this treatment.

The journal reported on a study led by researchers from the U.S. National Institute of Health and which included doctors from Montreal's Jewish General and McGill University. It summarized three cases of advanced cancers which held terminal prognoses and which went into remission after intravenous injections of high dosages of vitamin C. In one case of 'B-cell lymphoma', which usually results in death within a short period of time, the researchers noted that the patient was "in normal health 10 years after the diagnosis". They concluded that "it appears that a cure occurred in connection with intravenous vitamin C infusions". In another case of a woman with kidney cancer that had spread throughout her body, the one year follow-up assessment showed that the tumors had spontaneously disappeared. Such results are known to only occur in 1% of cases.

Now, I trust readers may be shocked. How can a 'simple vitamin' cure cancer ? Well, the reality is that cancer has been treatment with high dosages of vitamin C since the 1940's when a Noble chemistry prize identified that vitamin C can halt cancer cell growth. Debate heated up in the 1970's when Dr. Ewan Cameron released results of 500 "untreatable" cancer patients who he had treated with intravenous vitamin C. The results showed that those patients who received the vitamin C treatment lived four times longer than those who did not. Likewise, Dr. Abrham Hoffer treated thousands of cancer patients with 30 different types of cancer. Compiled results of those treated by Dr. Hoffer reveal that the average life of those treated with intravenous vitamin C is 70 months while those not treated with the vitamin C was 3.7 months.

The real point of this column is that this treatment is extremely well studied and the 'proof' has been 'out there' for many years before this 'new' report. Unfortunately, 'nutrient' therapies like intravenous vitamin C are usually dismissed by medical 'experts' and, as a result, patients are frequently not even advised that such therapies exist.

Interestingly, most experts who dismiss 'nutrient therapies' (like this intravenous vitamin C) are not formally educated in clinical nutrition. As such, they frequently make critical logical errors in their analysis. Such was the case when the famous Mayo Clinic studied and dismissed vitamin C as a viable cancer therapy. The Mayo researchers provided oral vitamin C (meaning pills), not intravenous injections of the vitamin. They also provided a form of vitamin C that was NOT the form used in all previous (positive) studies and they used a dose well below the established range. Not surprisingly, they concluded that vitamin C did not work. The researchers in the recent study release March 28, 2006 likened the error of the Mayo Clinic study to a "pharmacology 101 kind of error" (meaning pretty silly).

Patients suffering cancer need to know that intravenous vitamin C is a valid treatment with clear supporting research. The 'problem' is that most physicians are not aware of this treatment, are not personally experienced with the treatment and are simply not familiar with the medical research. As such patients need to seek only those licensed medical and/or naturopathic doctors specifically trained in and personally familiar with these treatments.

Perhaps this 'new' study will lead researchers one day to stop dismissing other cancer options such as 'Iscador' injections, hydrogen peroxide treatments, ozone treatments and much, much more. As study has shown that 30 years of chemotherapy, radiation and surgical developments have not reduced the death rates or illness of cancer patients, this doctor can only hope the 'experts' continue their learned review in an unbiased manner.

Best of health to you.

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