Heart Disease? Angina? Autism? 'Heavy Metal' Toxicity?
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This section of the website is reserved for articles on a variety of topics. The articles discussed on this page represent conditions the doctors at the Millennium Health Centre treat, and services they provide. Check out the What's New page for information on other events. Click on the following links to read the articles.

Treating Causes, Not Symptoms, With Newer Medical Testing
Intravenous Therapies: From Cancer To Chronic Fatigue - Nutrient Injections to Reverse Advanced Diseases States
Canadian Medical Journal Reports Cancer Remissions With Same Intravenous Therapy Used By Local Doctor
Always Tired ? A Checklist to Discuss With Your Doctor
Ottawa paper claims 'Naturopath' Kills Girl: The Facts
Alzheimer's: Advanced Intravenous Therapies Go Where Drug Therapies Can Not
I.V. Treatments Offer Diabetics Increased Circulation and Improved Eye Health
Chronically Sick Reader Asks About Toxic Metals
Industrial Chemicals The Cause Of Unexplained Illnesses ?
The 'Myer's Cocktail': An Intravenous Therapy for Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Compromised Immunity and Much More
Chelation Therapy: Deciphering The FACTS From The FICTION
Co-Q 10: A Reader's Inquiry Into This Critical Heart Nutrient
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Posses Challenges to Doctors and Frustration To Patients
The ‘Hot Topic’ of Chelation Therapy vs. Bypass or Angioplasty
A Medical Condition Involved In The Winter Blues
Buyer Beware # 2: What's In that Vitamin That Was Sold To You?
Depo-Provera: A Review of the Potential Medical Consequences and Side Effects.
Buyer Beware # 3: Did Your Vitamin Advisor Discuss Absorption?
Have High Blood Pressure or Cholesterol ? Rule Out 'Syndrome X' !
Multiple Sclerosis: The Irrefutable Role Of Diet & Vitamin Therapy
Natural Health Education - Fall
JET LAG: Naturopathic Considerations to Ease Frequent Flyer Fatigue
P.M.S. : What Your Doctor May Not Have Told You
Is Your Food The Cause Of Your Health Concern ?
Cornwall's Health Directory
Fibromyalgia: There is Hope!
Your Bones: Going Beyond Mere Calcium
Chronically ill Patients need to investigate the role of chemical exposure
Anti-Aging Therapy Reverses More Than Just Wrinkles
Thyroid Function: Revisiting a Forgotten Illness
Diabetes: The Role of Cow's Milk and Viruses in Causing this Common Health Concern
Osteoporosis: Why Calcium Supplements are Not Enough!
Where Does Naturopathic Medicine Fit into the Canadian Health Care System? Isn't it Time all Health Care Providers Work Together?
A Different Take on Heart Disease: Reviewing cholesterol, modern medications and the evils of coffee!
Hormone Replacement Therapy: American Study Provides Proof of Serious Health Risks
Always Tired? Difficulty with Concentration? A Review of a Frequently Ignored Treatment
5-HTP and Serotonin Precursors: Are They For You??
Your Bones: Going Beyond Mere Calcium
Influenza A Virus: A Possible Precipitating Factor in Fibromyalgia?
Nebulized Glutathione: An alternative treatment for emphysema, asthma and other respiratory disorders.
The Confusion About Soy and Breast Cancer