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Both of the Millennium Health Centre's doctors have a special interest in sports medicine and in working with athletes to achieve their fullest competitive and personal potential - whether training for elite competitive sports or training to loose some weight, tone up and to conquer the treadmill ! Dr. McQuarrie still holds certification as a personal trainer. Sports are a focus in her family with her husband being a former professional hockey player and who now works in the training and development of athletes. Dr. Jones was a trainer in the 1980s and has since maintained his interest, having worked with numerous athletes inclusive of a female professional bodybuilder, professional hockey players and numerous competitive Tri-athletes, body builders and 'power-lifters'. In fact, he taught a 60 hour Sport Nutrition course at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2000 and 2001.

While athletes, as well as their teams, coaches and organizations, are familiar with the term 'sports medicine'(and may feel they already have all possible 'sports medicine' support), the Millennium Health Centre offers a very different level of support to athletes. Included in this support is:

  1. Intravenous nutrient therapies. These therapies are thoroughly discussed in the 'Intravenous Therapies' section of the 'Services' section of this site. Information about intravenous (I.V.) therapies is also available in the 'Articles' section of this site.

    Now, when athletes or their coaching / training advisors hear the word 'intravenous' they may immediately conjure up ideas about illegal, or morally inappropriate medical interventions in line with 'doping', 'performance enhancement' anabolic steroids or some other ominous behaviour. This is not the nature of the I.V. therapies provided to athletes by the Millennium Health Centre. Rather, the clinic uses I.V. administration of crucial vitamins, minerals, amino acids and natural substances to replenish the rapidly depleted levels of these substances in the training athlete and to fuel tissue repair, energy production and, ultimately, physical performance. None of these therapies are illegal, unethical or inappropriate and none will jeopardize an athlete or his / her team.

    To appreciate the manner in which this works, readers must review the 'Intravenous Therapies' section of the 'Services' page of this website. In a nutshell, however, I.V. administration of key vitamins, mineral, amino acids and natural substances allows the athlete to:

    • Rapidly replace crucial nutrients which are lost at elevated rates in the training athlete (competitive or recreational).

    • Bypass intestinal absorption. Most athletes are taking (somewhat haphazardly -ie. on the advice of individuals who do not have a medical license specifically in the use of natural medicines and supplements) various vitamin and amino acid supplements. The problem is that these have to be digested and absorbed to be used by the body. Poor manufacturing standards of many supplements (supplements with 'binders', 'fillers', 'lubricants' and other non-medical ingredients), stress (from over-training), food allergies, bowel health conditions and several other factors can impair the athlete's ability to absorb the supplements for which they paid good money. A large amount of the supplement is often excreted from the body via urine, feces or sweat. I.V. therapies bypass this problem and put the required nutrient straight into the bloodstream and, hence, straight into the tissues and muscles.

    • 'Saturate' the tissues with the nutrients. The athlete's muscles and organ tissues require nutrients at a higher rate than the non-athletic person. They need them to repair damage caused by training, for muscles to grow stronger and larger, to fuel the 'Krebs cycle' in every cell (the energy producing 'furnace' in our cells) and to produce the energy molecule 'ATP' (the basis of cellular function). For all of this to happen, the athlete requires an ample supply of the core biochemical 'ingredients', or nutrients. I.V. therapies 'saturate' tissues and muscles due to their manner of administration. Using oral supplements and diet alone can not achieve this saturation and will not yield ultimate results.

    A detailed discussion of how I.V. therapies work and, hence, how they can assist an athlete to meet their maximal potential, is deferred to the 'Intravenous Therapies' section of this site's 'Services' page. Readers must simply note that the Millennium Health Centre has used these therapies to assist athletes to reach training goals faster, to recover from injury more rapidly and to maximize existing training programs. Any athlete who takes an amino acid or glutamine for tissue growth or repair, or uses a multivitamin and a structured diet to ensure they have their micronutrients should take note of the possibilities I.V. therapies offer them. As the therapies are used to treat conditions such as Fibromyalgia and A.L.S. (conditions affecting muscles), think of what they can do for the fit, trained muscle. Ultimate sport performance is at your fingertips.

  2. Clinical Nutrition. Naturopathic Doctors are the only licensed primary care providers who have clinical nutrition as part of their scope of practice (registered dieticians and / or nutritionists are not doctors and are not primary care providers). As such, Naturopathic Doctors are well suited to providing individualized nutritional counsel to training athletes.

    The doctors at the Millennium Health Centre, with personal interests, education and experience in teaching sport nutrition are particularly adept at examining the individual nutritional needs of athletes. By examining the individual training programs, existing diets, existing supplements, existing medications and existing natural health medicines of the athlete, as well as performing physical examinations, the doctors of the Millennium Health Centre can provide every athlete of a team a diet specific to his / her training status. Unlike other 'advisors' using standard diet 'plans', the doctors at Millennium Health Centre can also ensure sport diets take into account the possibility of food allergies or other complicating factors. By doing so, they can address underlying health issues of the athlete (such as bowel health conditions, allergies, headaches, muscle cramps etc.) which can compromise their ability to meet their training goals.

  3. Acupuncture, physiotherapy and pain management therapies. The doctors at Millennium Health Centre can provide such standard pain management therapies and can offer such at the athlete's training or performance facility. For organized teams, such on-site capabilities offer a real advantage. For traveling teams (who are often without their home location support), the doctors at Millennium Health Centre can be contacted to provide one-time, consultation support.

  4. Advanced Diagnostic Testing. The 'Services' page has a discussion of the 'Functional Medicine and Diagnostic Testing' which is a focus of the Millennium Health Centre. The discussion outlines how this testing goes beyond what 'basic' blood testing (as paid for by OHIP and the provincial health plans in Canada) can diagnose. It also provides links to the laboratories the Millennium Health Centre used to perform this advanced level of diagnostic testing.

    This testing will not be discussed in detail herein, but rather readers are encouraged to visit the 'Services' page. Suffice it to say, however, that athletes often find themselves not feeling well, catching frequent infections, taking increasingly long periods to heal from injuries - and throughout this their doctor says 'everything is normal' when blood tests are conducted. By using more advanced diagnostic testing (as well as using the standard tests), the doctors at Millennium Health Centre are often able to pin-point the underlying cause of a patient's illness. This is especially true for athletes. One example is the 'cellular energy panel'. This test allows a doctor to detect impairments in the cellular production of energy - which can often result from over-training. By running the test, the doctors can identify where the impairment has occurred and specifically target the deficient biochemical reaction to put the athlete back into the condition to train and compete.

    The Millennium Health Centre not only has unique clinical capabilities to assist athletes achieve their goals and improve their performance; they have the personal love of sport to make them dedicated experts 'in the field'.

    Individual athletes of all calibers, as well as sport teams and organizations are encouraged to contact the Millennium Health Centre. Professional organizations are encouraged to have their medical staff or training staff meet with the Millennium Health Centre's doctors. Through collaboration and even on-site care (ie. at the team's facility), the athletes are sure to see improved performance, rapid injury recovery, decreased pain, optimized sport nutrition and overall vitality.

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