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Dr. Stephen F. Jones Dr. Stephen F. Jones B.Comm., N.D.

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Clinic Founder and Medical Director

Dr. Stephen F. Jones received his undergraduate degree in business from the University of Toronto. He worked for several years in the stock brokerage and investment banking sectors before returning to graduate school to pursue a long standing ambition to practice medicine.

Having family members who practiced 'conventional' medicine, but also having experienced personal health issues for which medical doctors were unsuccessful at treating, Dr. Jones sought instead to practice naturopathic medicine. These interests lead him to attend the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, after having completed his undergraduate medical studies at the University of Toronto and at Ryerson University.

During his education at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (C.C.N.M.), Dr. Jones lectured extensively to the public about naturopathic medicines and also taught courses through the 'Continuing Education' department of C.C.N.M. in both general and sports nutrition. His graduate education saw Dr. Jones manage the college’s pharmacy, receive an award from Heel Canada by reviewing the clinical data on the company's vertigo medicine and attend residency rounds alongside the resident medical doctors at the Scarborough General Hospital.

Upon completion of his naturopathic medical studies, Dr. Jones relocated to Cornwall to found the Millennium Health Centre. Dr. Stephen Jones - Millennium Health CentreWhile having treated patients in Cornwall since 2001, Dr. Jones has also operated satellite clinics in Brockville, Ontario and Perth, Ontario. Over this time, he has lectured extensively inclusive of Grand Rounds at the Cornwall General Hospital, the Akwesasne medical clinic, the Heart and Stroke Foundation and the Victorian Order of Nurses cancer support groups.

Believing in the need for the public to become more aware of the scope of practice of naturopathic doctors, as well as their role in the greater health care system, Dr. Jones has actively worked with various media sources. He was columnist for the Seaway News newspaper for six years before launching his own newspaper (The Health Journal) to 20,000 homes in the Cornwall and surrounding region in 2007. In addition, he has been a  regular contributor to other newspapers, magazines and professional publications, and has appeared on radio and television to answer public queries about natural medical options. His clinic was featured on CTV news, interviewed by veteran reporter Norm Fetterly, in discussing the intravenous cancer and cardiology treatments he performs at the clinic.

A passionate community volunteer, Dr. Jones is a Kiwanis Club member (Kiwanian of the Year in 2004/2005) and has served on the Cornwall and District Service Club Council from 2004 until 2008 (and served as President of the council in 2007/ 2008). He holds numerous memberships inclusive of the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors, Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors, Team Cornwall and the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce.

With increasing political changes surrounding the practice of naturopathic medicine in Ontario, Dr. Jones accepted a request in 2007 to join the provincial medical association for naturopathic doctors, the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors. He has worked with the Policy Director of the association to clarify policy regarding the use of several therapies in the province and has chaired several committees to forward policy initiatives to the regulator and Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. In 2008, Dr. Jones accepted the nomination to become an Executive Director of the association and remains to be actively involved in the governmental affairs of naturopathic medicine in Ontario and the country.

While his focus continues to be the use of intravenous therapies in the treatment of (various) cancers, heart diseases and chemical sensitivities, his family practice continues to treat a tremendous amount of bowel health problems, allergies and childhood disorders (most notably Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorders and ADHD).

Being an avid outdoorsman and fitness fan, Dr. Jones not only maintains personal pursuits in these areas, but also sponsors local hockey and works both personally and professionally with many athletes of all calibers.

Dr. Kim OxbroDr. Kim Oxbro B.Sc, M.Sc, N.D.

Masters in Pharmacology, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Kimberly Oxbro, MSc, ND completed her undergraduate in biology and psychology at Trent university and obtained a Masters of Science in Pharmacology at Queen's University. Through her studies in medical science she gained an appreciation for the importance of conventional medicine in the management of disease; however she believed that achieving optimal health requires more than drugs and surgery. 

To learn about natural therapeutic substances, Dr. Oxbro studied one of Canada’s only two naturopathic medical schools (CCNM), where graduates become licensed Naturopathic Doctors. During her rigorous four years of training, she interned at two multi-disciplinary healthcare centers where she had the unique opportunity to co-manage patients with medical doctors & nurses in a team environment.  

Returning to her roots, Dr. Oxbro has relocated back to eastern Ontario with her husband to practice naturopathic medicine in both Cornwall and Brockville.

Dr. Oxbro believes that diet, lifestyle and exercise are the foundations of health and that illness should first be addressed first with natural medical approaches before resorting to more toxic pharmaceutical drugs with side-effects. She has a keen interest in using diet, acupuncture, botanicals, and other natural supplements to prevent and treat a wide-variety of conditions including: pain, heart disease, digestive concerns and woman's health. With her combined research skills and knowledge of both conventional and natural medical sciences she strives to help her patients choose the most appropriate treatments from all systems of medicine to ensure her patients get the best care possible.

Sandra MacDonald-Lamarche

Registered Practical Nurse & Medical Lab Assistant

Upon the retirement of the clinic’s registered nurse Diane Gratton in June, 2008, the Millennium Health Centre and its patients were fortunate enough to have Sandra join the staff. Being both a certified Medical Laboratory Technician and a Registered Practical Nurse, Sandra brings a wealth of experience and skill to the clinic.

With past career experience in the ‘front lines’ of a community laboratory (MDS in Cornwall), Sandra is exceptionally skilled at drawing blood. The clinic’s patients are amazed that having blood-tests ‘don’t have to be scary or painful.' Having spent fourteen years in a hospital setting, Sandra is equally skilled at making patients feel at ease and at explaining procedures to them.

Her move from the hospital environment to a naturopathic medical clinic has been met with her usual grace. Sandra has summarized the move in stating that “naturopathic medicine will be an exciting and refreshing change from conventional medicine and I look forward to the knowledge I will gain working with the staff and patients in the clinic’s friendly, relaxed atmosphere.”

Dr.s Oxbro and Jones are delighted to be working with Sandra and echo their patient’s sentiments as to easy process that she makes blood-work and intravenous therapies.

Micheline Legault - Office AdministratorMicheline Legault

Office Manager

In March 2008, The Millennium Health Centre was fortunate enough to see Micheline Legault join the clinic as the Office Manager. With a career spanning two decades in Cornwall’s health care community, Micheline has served the public as the Office Manager of one of the city’s most recognized Medical Doctors for sixteen years. In addition to this position, she pursued a certification as a medical and pharmaceutical assistant and worked in this capacity in a local pharmacy and at the hospital.

An avid reader and student of health care, Micheline was excited to accept a position in a non-conventional clinic. She settled into the position at the Millennium Health Centre instantly and the patients responded immediately to her charm and gracious greetings. Micheline has summarized her role with the Millennium team in stating that she is “happy to work in a friendly environment where the focus is on finding the cause of patients’ illnesses and not pharmaceutically controlling and suppressing their symptoms.”

Dr.s Oxbro and Jones are delighted to have her take charge of the office and offer their patients a reliable contact.

2008 Staff of the Millennium Health CentreEducated in the same basic sciences as medical doctors, naturopathic doctors Jones and Oxbro have also studied natural approaches to health care, with a strong emphasis on disease prevention and optimal health. Therefore they bring a strong scientific understanding to patient care, and are able to provide integration with other health care professionals. In their practice, they offer the following treatments:

  1. All conventional blood tests, PAP tests, stool tests etc. - ONSITE, no referral to a lab.
  2. Advanced Diagnostic Testing (see the 'Services' page for 'Functional Medicine and Diagnostic Testing').
  3. Chelation therapy for cardiovascular disease (angina, past heart attacks or strokes, previous by-pass or stents, etc.), poor circulation or the removal of ‘heavy metals’ (such as lead, mercury, etc.) found via medical testing. Go to the ‘Links’ page to learn more about chelation, or visit our Chelation Therapy page.
  4. Intravenous Therapies to treat cancers, heart disease, Chronic Fatigue and more.
  5. Clinical Nutrition
  6. Traditional Chinese Medicine including Acupuncture
  7. 'Neutraceutical' (non-drug) medications
  8. Botanical Medicine
  9. Physical Therapies
  10. Lifestyle Counseling and Stress Management
  11. Homeopathic Medicines

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